To Mr. Youhana Bidaweed on his article

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To Mr. Youhana Bidaweed on his article
« في: 17:21 14/07/2008 »
Since we are not allowed to directly comment on articles hence the following note to Mr. Youhana Bidaweed on his article in arabic titled Which double life is our people living?

Eventhough Mr. Bidaweed wanted to tell the reader that being strong together is better than being weak divided however, he himself with all his criticism failed to remember that the one people which he like others have made into peoples he conveniently forgot that this people has one name with different denominations and that when he criticizes yet fails to recognize that fact then he also is one of those contributing to the death of this people

Melting in western countries is coming whether we like it or not but the death of a nation comes when those who are supposed to protect it instead of doing that they tend to use it as a merchandise to those who pay more

Mr. Bidaweed, just like others who are promoting this self division by creating 3 peoples out of one people is hindering and not helping when he hides the truth just like others do in order to preserve face

This people has one name Assyrian and as long as there are people who are hiding their heads in the sand,we will not get any where and all the articles in the world will remain air bubbles because they will not have the truth but parts of it hidden between the gibberish