Having a quote from the Gospel is a nice gesture

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It's a good gesture to have a quote from the Gospel seen on the walls of an Iraqi political building for the first time in the history of that country,but it would have been even better if that quote was written in its original Aramaic a.k.a Assyrian,Syriac,Souret,Soureth,Souraya etc with the english translation beneath is so that it shows the original language of what's today Iraq.We didn't get to see our language as one of the main languages of the motherland Assyria,the least the clergy could have done is to ask for that quote to be also put in the original language which The Lord spoke.

Now how positive this gesture is??? It remains to be seen because if a country begins to see its people as religions and denominations then that counrty will not advance much,but we will hope for the best.