Celebrating Akitu in Ankawa:In kurdish clothes???

المحرر موضوع: Celebrating Akitu in Ankawa:In kurdish clothes???  (زيارة 1216 مرات)

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Why is it that the picture from Ankawa shows a young man and woman wearing kurdish clothes?

Some might say that this is what traditionally the people of Ankawa wear but this kind of clothes we all know as being for the kurds and I'm sure in the traditions of the true people of Bet Nahrain there are customs which are thousands of times better than kurdish ones,at least they would represent the true culture not a foreign one.

This is only showing two young people wearing the kurdish clothes with a palestinian black and white head dress known as Kafiya.There's nothing remotely kaldanian about these clothes they are just promoting the kurds as usual.

I'm wondering how these two young people aren't ashamed of themselves promoting a foreign people's clothes when they are pretending to be "kaldanians".