Operations on the ear

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Operations on the ear
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surgery, with preservation of hearing, Stapedectany, Ventilation tubes for middle ear secretions.
Dr Aly A El Garem is a professor of Ear, Nose & Throat Surgery,     
       Faculty of Medicine , Cairo University.
•   Graduated in November 1982.
Trained as a house officer 1983-1984 , Cairo

•   Myringoplasty, Tympanoplasty, Cholesteatoma University Hospital and Ministry of Health.
•   Appointed as Ear, Nose and Throat resident 1984-1987.
•   MSC degree Ear, Nose and Throat 1986.
•   MD degree Ear Nose and Throat 1990.
•   Appointed as a “Lecturer” in Ear, Nose and Throat Surgery department, faculty of medicine, Cairo University 1991.
•   Progressed since then in practice and academic progress till 2001, appointed as a “Professor of ear, nose and throat Surgery in faculty of medicine, Cairo University.
•   During these years he traveled to many countries gaining experience, giving lectures, examining patients and doing thousands of surgeries.
Address: 3 street 101, Maadi, entrances No 2, Nile Cornish, Cairo, Egypt
post code: 11431
Tel: 02/23590552 – 23584290
Mobile : 02/0122306791
Fax: 02/23596159
•   Email: dralyelgarem@gmail.com
•   http://draliel-garem.blogspot.com/