The establishment of a ceremony in honor of the artist Qusay Tariq in the UN Beirut

المحرر موضوع: The establishment of a ceremony in honor of the artist Qusay Tariq in the UN Beirut  (زيارة 2017 مرات)

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The((un)) Foundation  establishment of a ceremony to receive the artist s qusay  tariq in Lebanon, and qusay  tariq gave in concert nine paintings gift to the Foundation ((un)) ,paintings speak for reviving peace in the Middle East and how to achieve peace, , And was at the head of the reception Ms. ninette kelley representative of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees in Lebanon, and Mr. Jean-Nicolas Beuze Deputy Representative, Mr. Shadi coordinator between qusay tariq Commission,
A large group of staff and heads of delegations in the private and the ((un)) came to welcome the artist Qusay Tariq refugee artist to Beirut because of the political hurricane in Iraq. Give the ((un)) artist discretionary certificate of  thanks for his effort.
Gift artist qusay  tariq was 9 paintings, abstract forms constitute the birds, and the symbols of peace and they in fact paintings and one threaded ... Each successive panorama-like bird tells a story about peace and what its peacekeeping institutions in the world and meet all the paintings on the main board, a cloth the size of Metro 1 * 80 cm drawing it icon black woman who is a symbol of slavery, And behind bars may have provided them to the first shot of the vision of the sun, showing the freedom enjoyed by the human and around a group of pigeons taking artist of all global artist form of a dove drawn by the discharger of color form only whiteness, and the shapes of the remaining paintings therein.
Mr. Qusay Tariq expressed deep gratitude for the ((un)) support him on this reception.
And published on the site of((un))  this writing
Qusay is a painter, a writer and an Iraqi refugee. He is the first artist to ever hold a digital art exhibition in Baghdad and the writer of 20 books on arts, politics, Human Rights and literature.

“Painting is my life” says Qusay. “I started drawing and painting since I was a child. The College of Arts in Iraq helped me later to become a professional painter”. Qusay introduced the “Sofia” painting style, a postmodernism type of arts that combines past styles and themes in a modern-day context. ‘My main source of inspiration”, adds Qusay, “are women challenging local traditions and social boundaries”.
On the International Day of Non-Violence, Qusay offered UNHCR Lebanon eight of his artistic paintings that show women's sufferings from war and violence and call for peace and freedom.
Qusay is planning an exhibition in Lebanon soon to shed the light on the challenges facing refugees and their daily struggle to survive difficult living conditions.



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