What kind of love do we live?

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What kind of love do we live?
« في: 15:21 30/07/2017 »
من كتاب " سايكولوجيا عراقية " للإستاذ الدكتور : قاسم حسين صالح

What Kind of Love do we live?

Some of you may think that love is one kind. But we - the psychologists - classify love into six types, the most common of which is ((romantic love)), which is characterized by the influx of emotions , sexual desire and sensational feelings oscillating between joy and joy flooded with pain and distress. While the love caused by  affection  and  companions is  deeply appreciated by the beloved, and finding excuses to justify his/ her mistakes. There is love, which is fascinating love, that is love from the first glance.  There is also ,  hallow love, which is based on commitment but without true feeling  and emotions, and love that aims to satisfy sexual desire without close association with the other, and then , there is the full love that meets all the needs of mind and heart.

There may be among us who do not know that love has three components: ((intimacy, passion and commitment)). By intimacy we mean the emotional side of love, that is, the sense of closeness to the beloved one. Passion is the motivating element of love that ignites romantic feelings, physical attraction and sexual desire. Commitment is the rational element that perpetuates the relationship of love.

Iraqis have now completed a black quarter of  century  in wars, disasters, misery, the death of their  beloved ones, and the destruction of their  homeland ... and endless crises . There is no longer a period of time in which the Iraqi is close to his beloved in peace, and he has no guarantee for a close association with him, the reason that weakened " love intimacy" And how can his romantic feelings be raged while his night and day are full of horror , the fact that made his "Passion" faint. Then how could he secure his "commitment" towards  his lover as he awaits evil , terrified of his next day.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Translated by:
                                                                                                                                  Saad H. Keder