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Are you wondering whether you should buy a meat grinder or a blender, or unsure about the functions of each type? If so, read this article now, because it will help you choose not only the top product reviews , but also address your concerns.

The differences between a meat grinder and a blender

  • First: Capacity
Almost 90% of meat grinders have a large capacity, from 500 - 650W.

a large capacity will help the machine load better when grinding, and the pureed meat will become very pappy and dry (like mud), increasing the friction on the surface of the blade more and more. If the capacity is only 300-400W, as with a blender, it will overload quickly.

However, a large capacity also brings certain limitations. The engine rotates faster, so it is easily worn down if the material is not guaranteed.

  • Second: Blade
Fruits and vegetables are easy to crush when impacted, so the blender blade is usually not sharp – instead, it has a serrated blade, and is designed to create water flow when grinding.

Meat, on the other hand, is usually very tough, so it needs to be cut by a very sharp blade. Due to meat becoming pappy and dry, which is difficult to mix, the blade is usually designed with two floors.

It is recommended that you buy a meat grinder with a blade tip and a metal spatula to limit abrasion. The reason why the meat grinder costs more is the blade: it is thin and very easy to wear down, so the steel material is stronger than that of a blender, and the structure is also more complicated.


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  • Third: Millstone
It can be made from plastic and glass, depending on the brand. However, most meat grinders use a thick glass millstone, usually about 1 - 1.5L, to grind 0.5kg - 1kg of meat.

The glass millstone is easy to clean and does retain smell when grinding fish, but can it be broken easily if dropped due to the brittleness of the glass. The cost of a glass millstone is not cheap, so you should be very careful while using it.

FAQs about meat grinders

  • Can a meat grinder replace a blender?
There are many pieces of advice that indicate that you should not buy a meat grinder to replace a blender. The fact is that foods will not be finely ground when milled by a meat grinder and will form water, creating mixture of water and tiny pieces such as onion and garlic.

  • Can a meat grinder beat eggs?
Due to a large millstone capacity and the cup-like design, it is very suitable for beating eggs. Some meat grinder lines, such as the HA-381 and HA-382, are designed with specialized sticks that make them great for beating eggs, mixing flour, or making sauce.

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If you read top reviews on the Amazon review pages, you will see several pieces of advice about not using a meat grinder as a blender. If you do not have enough money to buy both machines, consider the needs of your family and buy the most appropriate one.