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اسرع طريقه لإنقاص الوزن بدون ريجيم وبدون أدويه

Integrated Body Mechanics® IBM
Make the body of your dreams a reality!
No dieting, no counting calories....
Quickslim هو نظام تخسيس متكامل من خلال ممارسه تمارين رياضيه يساعدك على حرق الدهون حتى فى وقت الراحه بدون ريجيم !!!!

كل ما عليك هو التدريب مع افضل مدربين مصر المتخصصين
لمده 3 مرات اسبوعياً ومشاهده جسمك يصل للشكل الذى تحلم بة

QuickSlim is an integrated exercise method that increases your metabolism and makes sure you burn more calories even at rest.

With QuickSlim you don’t need to diet and you don’t need to count your calories. Just exercise with your QuickSlim Trainer 3 times per week and watch your body shrink into the shape you’ve always wanted.

QuickSlim helps you get rid of cellulite and stretch marks and changes the fat distribution in your body to help you look the best that you could ever hope for.

QuickSlim is based on Karim Strougo’s Integrated Body Mechanics® Technique, which is one of the fastest ways to drop in dress size in record time without dieting!

Call us at STEP Center for full Quickslim package information..
8, Dr. Hanem Mohamed St., Remaya Square
(behind ‘Le Meridien Pyramids’  Hotel)
Pyramids, Giza – Egypt
Tel:  02 -   -   02-
Mobile:  0100.060.66.181 -  0122.896.36.778



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